Why Sponsor?

TOP OF MIND - Our event is closely linked to 2 key words, Food and Health. If you are looking at building a closer relationship between your brand and these key words, our event may be the perfect platform for you.

INFLUENCE THE INFLUENCERS - Targeting professionals who play key roles in changing the lives of individuals and their health outlook, this event is focused on going back to our roots.

QUALITY LEADS - If you are looking at reaching the masses, this may not be the event for you. But if you are looking at quality leads, then this event definitely meets your needs.

UNIQUELY DIFFERENT - This is definitely not a conventional business conference nor is it an academic conferences. It's a conference that discusses pertinent issues, in a light-hearted manner, with industry insights and practical viewpoints for all to bring back to their workplace.

Due to the nature and structure of the conference, it would be best for our sponsorship manager to sit down and discuss with you what are the best sponsoship options for your company.

For more information about sponsorship, please contact:

Patricia Cheong | Email: patricia@sphereconferences.com | DID: +65 6848 6055