Event at a Glance

Day 1

Day 2

Opening Keynote

Just Tell Me What To Eat! - Eating Great Food,  Your Easiest Path to Health


Chefs Dialogue - Great Menu, Awesome Food, Better Life

In Conversation With Leaders: When Eating Well and Living Good Starts from the Top


Your Condition is Not Your Conclusion

  • Can Cancer be Prevented Through Diet?
  • Nutrition and the Eye - Eating Your Way to Better Sight
  • Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Asia Through the Food That We Consume
  • Macrobiotics - Japanese Practice of Healing Foods

Food is a Universal Experience

  • Helping Your Body Heal Through Food
  • Spotlight on Plant-Based Diet



  1. Cook and Tell - Japanese Macrobiotics
  2. Working with Spices



  1. From a Carnivore Chef to a Vegetarian Chef
  2. Cooking with Traditional Chinese Medicine