About Restaurant Pick of the Week

In a bid to encourage healthier eating and improve public education about healthier food choices when dining out, Food That Heals is collaborating with restaurants to provide a specially created “Food That Heals” menu that will be made available from 24th June to 8th July 2016. If time is not on your side to come join us for the full conference experience, then take this opportunity to experience how food can be eaten to your benefit through these restaurants. Or if you are attending the conference, then the more you should visit these restaurants as its an extension of your full conference experience.

The restaurants whom we are collaborating with includes:

Angela May Food Chapters

Angela May Food Chapters is the first restaurant world-wide under Angela’s name, opened by Déliciae Hospitality Management & Robinsons, following a partnership between the two companies.

Angela May, born to American-Thai heritage, personally curated a menu featuring contemporary western cuisine with Asian touches, that is beautifully crafted with a selection of Asian ingredients and spices. Locally farmed herbs, vegetables and fish are incorporated into many of Angela’s dishes, as she strongly believes in using fresh produce to provide her guests with the best experience.

To find out more about Angela May Food Chapters please click here.

The Bento People

The Bento People was birthed in early 2015 by a doctor turned accidental chef who found more success using healthy yet tasty food in a restaurant to 'entice' people towards healthy eating than he ever had in a clinic giving advice to educate & encourage people to eat healthy.

'Doc' as he is called by his friends and customers became a full time chef by accident when the chef he hired for the restaurant called it quits just days before the restaurant's opening in 2014.

We are called The Bento People because we found that a Bento Box with equal sized compartments can be a very powerful visual tool to educate & encourage our customers to choose healthy balanced meals with the right proportions of different food groups.

We chose our slogan to be Eat Happy. Choose Healthy. because we know that most people do not just Eat to Live, but also Live to Eat. And hence it would be very difficult for most to adopt or sustain a healthy eating lifestyle if they do not enjoy what they eat.

We realised quite quickly that we cannot just educate and encourage people to eat healthy, we needed to demonstrate that healthy can be tasty too. Hence we constantly try to create interesting tasty dishes using healthy ingredients so that our customers can Choose Healthy and still Eat Happy.

To find out more about The Bento People please click here.

Saint Pierre Market 

Saint Pierre Market is an outlet like none other. The latest brainchild of Celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant (a vegetarian himself) focuses on fresh, artisanal produce, with more vegetables and fruits, and less meat, as he believes in the adage that a healthy outside starts from the inside!

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health published five tips for sustainable eating: prioritise plants, minimise meat, select new seafood, look local and eat mindfully. With this in mind, Chef Stroobant has created a menu of hearty soups, delicious salads, gourmet sandwiches and wraps, as well as healthier sweet treats.

While Singapore is not a natural resource for raw ingredients, Chef Stroobant has purposefully designed and prepared the menu for Saint Pierre Market using some of the best artisanal produce available in the local marketplace – balancing these to ensure value-for-money pre-packed ready-to-eat healthier meals.

To find out more about Saint Pierre Market please click here.